Remove duplicates from Spotify playlists

Simply choose your desired Spotify playlist and drag/copy it to one of the fields below to get:

- a new list of tracks without duplicates
- a list of duplicates by track URI
- a list of duplicates by name and artist
*The playlist option will find possible duplicates that do not share the same URI

Drag/copy your playlist here - limited

  - will only accept up to 200 tracks
  - does not handle local tracks
  - does not handle Starred playlist




...drag/copy your tracks here - no limit!

  - as many as you want, local ones too


Remove, compare, randomize, split up, get tidy!

Duplicates in Spotify playlists can be annoying to get rid of, as Spotify doesn't present an easy way to do it. Sure, Spotify "removes" duplicates if you put your playlist(s) in a playlist folder, but this solution isn't ideal to say the least.

Although there are some nice apps online that will help you create a dupe free playlist, I know quite a few people that want to keep the tracks' add date, thus they are forced to do the tedious job of going through their lists manually.

I decided it would be a fun project to try to make this process less painful, and this app is the result.

This application will help you remove Spotify duplicates quickly and easily. Like other apps it will make an entirely new playlist for you to copy, but it will also list the dupes alphabetically by title and artist, making it easy to find and remove the tracks without having to mess with the added date. Also, a list of the Spotify duplicate URIs will be generated for you.

Notice that on the top there is a link for comparing Spotify playlists. This feature will list duplicates between playlists or unique tracks in them, according to your choice of output. I also added features for randomizing and splitting up playlists.

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by Anita Berge